When word went out that some Motorola Droid X users were experiencing display problems on their screens, hopes went sky high for Apple’s iPhone lovers. First, it was the iPhone antenna issue and the lashing it took from all corners, especially the media and web bloggers, now it’s the Motorola with its own antenna saga. Question is, why isn’t the media not making a big deal with the issue as it did with iPhone?


The real problem.

According to blogs on Android Power posted on Computerworld and on Twitter,

The real reason is that it is a drastically different situation as compared to that of the iPhone and therefore needs to be handled in a different way.

Technical issues- Motorola vs. iPhone

In scenario number one, i.e. the iPhone 4, the main problem was with the phone’s design. Considering that the antenna was wrapped outside the phone, this created a spot, at a place where many people place their fingers when taking or making a call, which could cause calls to drop with a simple touch of a finger. As per Steve Jobs of Apples, “this is not an issue that is present in all smartphones; most of them have antennas in areas not commonly touched during phone calls.”

On the other hand, the Motorola Droid X screen glitch seems to be a defect in one of the components on a small number of devices. Up to this far, what is known would be based on the question of some faulty parts other than the question of the phone’s basic design.

The Companies Responses

When iPhone users started complaining about the problems, Mr. Jobs vehemently denied the existence of any such errors with the iPhone and rudely dismissed customers’ reports and said the iPhone was fine and that there “People were probably just holding it wrong.”

In his exact words, he said, “There is no reception issue… Just avoid holding it in that way.” He was to much later admit that there was a hardware-instigated problem. He then offered a free piece of cheap rubber to all iPhone users to help them keep their fingers from interfering with the antenna.

Later on, Apple released an article that was a direct reiteration of Mr. Job’s words. Apple published a report claiming that a software error was the problem. But according to Consumer Report, the antenna was the problem.

Comparing that to Motorola and Verizon’s response to their own problem, after its launch, scattered reports on the difficulty with the display started surfacing. Recently, the company acknowledged the fault through a statement saying “it affected less than a tenth of 1% of all the devices.” The company later offered replacements for all the affected units.

The response from Motorola on the issue took about five days. Apple’s response on the other hand took a good 22 days and this was after denying responsibility and continuous rude put offs to their customers.

Considering the responses, its no wonder the situations, similar as they may seem, though different in some ways, evoked such extensively different reactions from all corners.