You might have heard of concept car or concept bikes, but a concept super yatch has suddenly caught many aeronautical and yatch designers out of surprise.  You must have see other such daring technological innovations, including the Airbus A380, but this super yatch is set to revolutionize your flying or sailing experiences.

Though the super yatch is still on the drawing board, Yelken Octuri’s claims that,  it his technological achievement of designing a hybrid transport vehicle that will take less time for you to cross the Atlantic from New York to Europe. Being one of the chief designers of the Airbus, Yelken Octuri’s, set to design a futuristic model of a yatch that can be transformed into a propeller plane and a luxury yatch.

Well, things don’t get real for this super yatch as of yet, as Yelken Octuri does not have any plans to commercialize this technology concept idea as of yet.  However he has been approached by various designers to commercialize his “futuristic Project.”


  • 46 meters in length
  • Four Masts of 46 meters
  • Double jack System for the masts
  • Two main decks. The lower deck contains main room, kitchen, etc. The upper deck includes bedrooms and a luxurious bathroom

In the latest technological developments the super yatch will certainly be a technological marvel for the luxurious.  With the ever increasing demand to find energy efficiency, the super yatch certainly seems a step in the right direction.