Apple’s iTunes application has recently joined hands with Ping. Now one can make use of Ping which can actually work with the iTunes library. You may be wondering as to what is Ping? The word ‘Ping’ stands for “Packet Internet or Inter Network Groper”. Ping is an application that is designed to send packets in the series over the Internet to a specified computer for generation of a response from that system. The sources computer from which the packets are being posted get responses or reminders that the target computer has begun to receive the information. The sole purpose behind the development of Ping was to check if the computer on the network or the Internet is connected or not.

But, the iTunes by Apple was mostly used by users’ for listening to music without shopping or finding a new music. Nor did the user heeded towards share the music that they had with the help of iTunes. To fix the above situation Apple has joined hands with Ping. The Apple has enhanced its social network websites access like to and; in order to quadruple its music social networking through the means of social networking web sites. More than 160 million have already gain an access to the iTunes Ping and this remain access remains confined with in the iTunes application. This cunning step by Apple has witnessed an increase in their shopping scheme that almost came to an end.

The new iTunes 10.0.1 is loaded with Ping updates in gigantic amount. With the iTunes 10.0.1, one can Ping in the iTunes library. Earlier only song sharing through Ping on iTunes was plausible but it stood as if you already have the song in your system but you need scroll through in order to get the desired song shared. However, the latest iTunes application has abridged the previous tedious approach towards the song selection and sharing. Now you can find the Ping tab adjacent to every song in the iTunes Library and by a mere mouse click you can get the latter shared.

How to share song using Ping on your iTunes software?

Step one

Scroll through to find a song to find the song which you desire to share and you will see a ‘Ping’ named tab adjacent to the song’s name.

Step two

Click on the “Ping” tab adjacent to the songs name and you will see a drop down menu. In the drop down scroll through to get down to ‘Like’ tab that allows you to like the song.

Step three

For posting the song put the selected one in the Ping stream along with a note and confirm that the artist is on the profile in the Ping stream.

Step four

From the drop down that did prompt when you click the latter. You can also choose from the options to find album, artist or song or even the genre of the song under which the same is stored in the store of iTunes. You can also right click on any of the songs in the iTunes library to view all of the above mentioned options outside the drop down menu.