With the fast growing trend of social networking websites, people all across the world, from every particular country are now connecting with each other. Every single day, more and more number of people are found registering themselves onto these socializing websites. They have strongly embraced the entire concept of socializing on the web and have embedded it as a part of their life. Amongst the entire list of countries that are deeply influenced by these socializing websites, Japan has created a record of its own. According to recent reports, it has been learnt that the people of Japan have found a special addiction for Twitter and Facebook, as compared to the other socializing websites. However, as a matter of fact, Twitter which is mainly a micro-blogging system is much more popular than Facebook or any other socializing website in Japan.

Why Twitter?
Japan, commonly termed as a Technologically Savvy country, currently seems to be completely engrossed in finding online friends and love from across the country and globe through the help of socializing websites such as Twitter and Facebook. However, it is quite interesting to learn as to what influenced the Japanese to get deeply engrossed in these socializing websites and stamping their votes for Twitter above all other websites. Most people believe that it is the small term “tweets” that fascinates most people in the country while many others believe that it is the innovative concept put along by Twitter that attracts most users.

Growing Interest
According to the statistics obtained from a survey report, it is learnt that more than a huge percentile of 16.3% Japanese social networking addicts follow and love Twitter, as compared to the mere 9.8% people from the entire country of America. The results are really surprising, as Twitter was mainly launched in the technology savvy country only in 2008 and had gained the attention of all youngsters in a short span of time. However, according to several survey organizations, it is believed that the Twitter application for mobiles which was recently launched somewhere in 2009 had captured the minds of most adults and techno savvy people in Japan. Hence, you can find a majority number of people following Twitter as compared to Facebook or any other socializing website.

Ever since its launch, Twitter has become an integrated part of the people in Japan. It can now be seen on all television channels and internet websites as the most recent news update for your favorite celebrities. It is thought that the largest number of people switch on to these socializing websites only to learn about the latest happenings in the lives of their favorite celebrities. As a result, Twitter clearly tops the chart with its widest list of popular celebrities. Also, it is due to this reason that Twitter is considered much bigger than Facebook in also other countries such as America. Hence, there remains no doubt in the innovative concept designed by Jack Dorsey which today rules the world, especially that of Japan and all Japanese people.