There are two things that Microsoft has to offer to all the partners that it has been working with for quite some time now; either join Microsoft on the Cloud, or be left behind in the entire technology arena. This sounds pretty simple though and does not need a lot of justifications to prove the benefits. Probably that is the reason why Steve Ballmer highlighted this news on the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington DC a few days back. There had been news that many partners were reluctant to move to the cloud arena and considered cloud transformation to be scary.

Cloud- according to Ballmer:

Cloud has a lot to offer to the whole world as well as the world of developers. This is the time where the technology vendors need to reinvent the stuff for the business models that can be used by everyone around the world. This is an inevitable change though and there is no way that anyone can stop the transformation. There has to be a drift in the values and quality delivery that is not possible without the cloud concept.

Microsoft seems to be a lot more excited about the cloud computing compared to any other venture that it has done over the past. This is the reason why Microsoft is only allowing entry into the venture for all the partners and the other way available is perhaps quit the partnership. Anyone who is going to move into the world of cloud will stay hand in hand with Microsoft while others will not be the folks anymore.

Microsoft’s Mobile Effort:

Another arena that Microsoft is seriously working upon is mobile computing. The concept of Windows 7 Slate is quite into the market these days despite the news that HP is not launching the HP Windows 7 Slate anymore. The company also intends to come up with a Windows Phone 7 Series phone that will have an excellent operating system. The phone basically tends to compete with the iPhone from Apple that has been quite popular in the Smartphone business. Microsoft is certainly concentrating on the Windows Phone 7 Series phone as well as the Slate that will be following in a couple of months.

The company states to launch a number of Windows 7 run slates in the next few months that will be manufactured by many of the partners that Windows 7 has been working with recently. The top companies that are dealing with the Windows 7 Slate include Dell, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony and Asus all of which stand tall with Windows 7 in all the ventures of the past. Ballmer clearly didn’t mention HP that stood in the front line back in January this year. It seems that HP is more interested in the WebOS after acquiring Palm recently.

Windows Mobile devices and Cloud:

The recent development paced up in the mobile devices development and cloud computing seems to be another ground breaking trick from Microsoft to acquire better revenues by becoming the first. The Touch feature of Windows 7 integrated with the hardware of a slate refers to the perfect combination that gets you with a rich and vibrant experience of technology. The future is certainly mobile with the domination of Cloud technology all of which will be authored by Microsoft at the first place.