It was hot and sarcasm filled in the air when the America’s most popular newscaster labelled Apple as “Appholes”. In his show, the Comedy Central, Jon Stewart raised this comment thinking that it is a subject worth discussing and worth his comment. In his comment, he was concerned about Apple becoming an unbearable hound, from the position of an underdog. In the comedy show, the word “Appholes” were displayed prominently for viewers to see without missing and with this background, his critique which was impassioned was expressed.

In his views, he did not anticipate such a plight with Apple guys. He opined that Microsoft was considered to be the bad guy, to take up all the blame. But it is a different story now all together, with Apple labelled as bad guys, along with Microsoft. He pitched his voice vehemently when he threw his comments against Apple. It is not fair and correct for a blog which is fully dedicated for the stuff which is highly technology oriented to publish information about his new phone. One gets agitated to hear this. Overall he was pulling and ragging them down sarcastically. He questioned them why they are not fighting against companies like AT&T.

He even pulled the chief executive officer of Apple, Steve Jobs. He warned him and his company to keep away from people like him and go have a fight with corporate cynics. It looks like it is dirty fight all together. They are throwing dirt around each other and mocking at each other in the public. First the act of mocking in public would be entertaining for people who read it and the opponents, to both the parties. Is it needed? What purpose is it going to serve? Is it cheap publicity? Do companies like Apple need one? Or do popular personalities like Jon Stewart needs it? There are people who are known for such kind of gimmicks. But ultimately it is the war of words in the street, entertainment for the viewers. Does media industry want such kind of gimmicks?

It would be interesting to hear from Stephen Colbert, who is another popular personality in the news media. The irony is that he marketed and pushed iPad twice before. Once during the Grammys, he tried to push and another one, during his show. He might be in a position which would embarrass him. He cannot support his fellow fraternity opposing Apple, or else support Apple, taking a stand against Jon Stewart. Whose side will Stephen Colbert should take? It is dirty game altogether. By throwing tantrums in the public, on one another badly affects the image of a person, that too, when the person is popular and reputed. For example, individuals like the CEO of the company. He is responsible to a lot of stake holders and degrading oneself like this, will affect his reputation in the minds of the stakeholders. What is conversed in the public matters a lot for everyone, be it in the media industry or business. But if it is done to actually build PR, then one would say it is a cheap tactics adopted.