Juniper Networks, a leading information technology and computer networking multinational company presented the technology world with its all new multiple products which included hardware and software sets and services. Juniper claimed to be the future of the technology world, when it presented the latest techno-based equipment. The company has taken a step ahead of Cisco as claimed by the Juniper’s CEO, Kevin Johnson. The CEO offered a futuristic and promising advancement for Juniper Networks and claimed it to be more development and advancement-based company looking forward to giving a lift up to the research and development of more such array of high tech instruments.

Juniper is aiming to run a two layer architecture system and eradicating the three layer network architecture system. Juniper also aims to gradually reduce the system into one layer network architecture system which will merge the Ethernet, Fibre Channel and Infini-Band networks into a single fabric unit. Last February, Juniper unveiled its most awaited Straus Project. Currently, there is no information disclosed on the introduction of products to the commercial market, though it is anticipated to come soon. The new networking architecture is known as 3-2-1 where the network fabric is single tier and is very securely states as being ‘1’.

Juniper claims to have a new revolutionized idea of a data center which is virtualized. In the opinion of Johnson, the data center has an evolved computing model. Johnson said: “The legacy network approach in the data center can no longer scale to unleash the benefits of the virtualized data center. A new approach is required.” The advancement has initiated with the task of cutting down the layers and reducing it to two layer network architecture system which focuses on doing away with ineffectiveness of network ports being in talks with other ports. It focuses mainly servers talking with servers.

In June 2008 with the introduction of EX product family, Juniper initiated to concise the network architecture system. Johnson said that our company is putting at stake to take the customers into single tier network architecture. Johnson claimed that this concise layer of architecture is much more beneficial and advanced than the three-layer network system followed by Cisco.

In comparison, Johnson portrayed the typical Cisco setup at a 500-server data center versus the same data center equipped with Juniper technology. Johnson claimed that Juniper Network setup of the same cost them 20% less owing to the use of few managed devises and plus the power consumption was 30% less. When the comparison of 4,600 server financial data centers of Juniper and Cisco was established, it was found that Juniper topped it and had more satisfying results. The setup was cost efficient as the cost of ownership was 38% less and the latency dropped by 85%. In the final specimen of 9,600-server data center, Johnson showed how they managed to bring the system in a two layer and the managed network reduced from 211 to 41. While 211 managed network devises were needed for a three tier system, it clearly showed the high efficiency of a two tier system over the three-tier system. Therefore, it added the advantage of freeing up bandwidth for more communication between servers. Although a third party inspection has not been carried out to see the authenticity of the claimed results, Juniper has done an admirable job and has justified itself to be called as a futuristic company.