What do you do to clean the clutter of messages piled up in your Facebook account’s ‘Messages’ area? Do you ‘Archive’ them? However, the message you ‘Archive’ doesn’t get permanently deleted from the list, instead it just gets removed. If you want to permanently delete a message or entire thread of conversation, you have to follow a lengthy process of ‘Delete All’ or ‘Delete Selected’.

Now, with an easy to download and simple to use Google Chrome extension, called as Facebook Fast Delete Messages, you can delete all the messages, with a single click.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Download ‘Facebook Fast Delete Messages’ extension from Chrome Web Store.

Step 2: Then log-in to your Facebook account, and click on ‘Messages’.

Step 3: Click on the small red ‘x’ button next to each message to delete a specific message. And to delete all the messages, click on ‘Delete Messages’.

Does your Facebook account’s Messages area needs instant cleaning? Try out Google Chrome’s extension Facebook Fast Delete Messages and make your Messages box spick and span.