Kaviza is one of the biggest names when it comes to desktops, formed by the pooling of thoughts and skills from computer giants HP and IBM. It is well known for identifying gaps in the market and filling them with superb, yet affordable technology. Since its release of the VID-in-a-box, it has become even more popular amongst all sorts of computer users. Kaviza has recently announced the release of the VDI-in-a-box 3.0.

Virtualisation was never mainstream, but now different sectors are starting to realise the benefits that come with it. Before, VDI was only reserved for the larger sized enterprises. These days, medium and small sized companies see all the operational benefits. Kaviza aims to focus on several main things, and this includes complexity, the user experience as well as the cost. This is especially important for smaller enterprises that can’t necessarily afford the high prices of existing VDI systems. The VDI-in-a-box 3.0 is perfect for businesses looking for high performance at a lower price, and is the best solution for virtual desktops.

Kaviza originally created the VID-in-a-box after an assessment of virtualisation needs in the IT community. It was concluded that VDI today is merely an extension of complete server virtualisation. This is why it has become so costly to both manufacture and purchase. The VID-in-a-box is the first turnkey virtual desktop that is affordable. As such, it caters for those with desktop budgets, as well as those with desktop needs. The reason that the company can afford to make it so cheap is that the cost of the architecture is low. Since the release of the pioneer VID-in-a-box, new ideas and developments have lead to progress in the line.

The VDI-in-a-box 3.0 is the latest addition to the family. What makes it a step up from its predecessors is that it is powered by a Citrix XenServer, which makes hosting VDI on a top class virtualisation platform much easier, and at a cost that is much lower. With the hypervisor agnostic design the user can now pick and choose which virtualisation platform to use, depending on their needs. You would expect a system providing you with this many options to cost more than the average virtual desktop, but this server actually makes it cheaper. The machine also features high-definition Citrix HDX technology, and this ultimately enhances the all round desktop experience for users. This is what addresses the experience. The good news is that the software, servers and support only total around $500, so the affordability is evident.

In most stores, both on and offline you will be able to get your VDI-in-a-box 3.0 at a price of $500, but cots may vary slightly between suppliers. Having looked at all of the aspects of the desktop, Kaviza has succeeded as far as its objectives are concerned. With a virtual desktop that provides simplicity and a high quality experience at such a low price, it would definitely be a worthwhile investment, especially if you are a small or medium enterprise.