Ever wondered why your computer behaves abnormally at times? Or why your personal settings look changed when no one except you uses the computer? Anyone from a virus to your own little kid can do the above things without your knowledge. Well now, you need not just wonder about these things. You can use this new system to monitor who made changes to your system and when the changes were made. You need to have administrator rights to do this. By monitoring your system in this manner, you can find out who created a user account, which person changed security settings and even who opened a file on your computer. You just have to go to the windows event viewer and find out who spied on you. Listed here are the important features of this system.Monitor Network and Web Settings

Many spyware can connect your network to a remote network can use your network for either their benefit or your destruction. Network Monitor not only monitors your network activities but also closes down any suspicious networks. Additionally it terminates the process that was trying to establish connection in the first place.

Internet Explorer Monitor

Many people complain about their home page changing frequently or their clicks leading to unwanted web pages. Spyware can manipulate your internet explorer’s restriction registry keys to redirect you to their own desire web pages. IE Restrictions Monitor will prompt you before any such action are forced by any spyware. Frequent problems such as NoFileOpen,  NoBrowserSaveAs, NoFavorites, NoFileNew and NoBrowserContextMe are easily overcome with the IE monitor.

Improved CPU Performance

the spyware processes that continuously run on your computer actually use up CPU and RAM, thus slowing down your computer. This monitor continuously scans your computer and keeps killing any spyware processes. In fact live process monitoring can ensure that no spyware installs on your computer in he first place. Due to the extreme importance of this monitoring, it is recommended that this monitor be kept on all the time.


Perhaps the best thing this software has to offer is the security to your computer. You can see when someone accesses an Active Directory object. You can monitor policy changes to your computer thus keeping track of changes such as changing administrator rights, trust policies or auditing policies. Different spyware can install cookies on your PC that helps them track your IP address and extract information from your computer. The monitor continuously deletes any cookies that try to access your system have. Now you can tell them who’s the boss!


Monitoring Your Subordinates

If you are working in an environment where you are the boss in charge of a number of people, you can use the monitor to great effect. You can see when someone performs a task that they were not allowed to perform, or when someone shuts down or restarts the system without prior permission. Even program activation and termination can be monitored so that you can find out from whose computer a problematic program had originated.