There are many ebook reader brands which have hit the markets and Kobo is one of the latest launches developed by Borders . It is simple and is designed to do just one thing – read Books!

Low Price Tag

Kobo, the device made by a Canadian company, is priced at $149 which is $100 lower than Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook (both priced at $259) and $50 lower than Sony’s Reader pocket edition (priced at $199). Kobo’s attractively low price tag makes it the cheapest e-reader backed by a big brand.

Comparison with Other Brands

Both Kindle and Nook are3G wireless, however in order to hit the low price tag, Kobo skips the Wi-Fi connectivity. To download the e-books, Kobo needs to be connected through a computer. Kobo e-reader has a device-neutral platform and can be connected to a smart phone, desktop or a tablet through USB or Bluetooth. Unlike Kindle, Kobo eReader shows the number of pages left in a Chapter.

Kobo’s Features

The all new Border’s Kobo has the following features:

Free Preloaded eBooks – When you buy a Kobo, you don’t have to wait to download ebooks. It comes with preloaded 100 Free classic ebooks so you can enjoy using your Kobo as soon as you buy it!
Compact size – 120mm x 184mm x 10mm are its dimensions and weighs 221 grams. Its compact size makes it easy to carry when you are on the move. It is lighter than Nook and Kindle as they weigh 317 grams and 289.2 grams respectively.
Expandable Memory – Kobo comes with an initial memory of 1 GB and can store up to 1000 eBooks. Up to 4 GB of SD memory card can be added and increase the storage to 4000 eBooks!
Sleep Mode – One of the interesting features which a lot of ebook lovers will lenjoy is its sleep mode. It brings up the cover of the book when it is in the sleep mode, giving you a feeling of reading an actual book than a device.
Battery Life – A battery life of up to 2 weeks or 8000 page-turns
Adjustable Font size – Kobo gives you an option to adjust the font to five different sizes and two different font styles.
Supports Graphics – This eReader supports visuals of some popular comics and graphics of the novels.
Just like reading a traditional book – E Ink technology enables it to look just like print on paper

“The Kobo eReader is the eReader for everyone and is now available in the U.S. – launching at Borders,” said Michael Serbinis, CEO of Kobo. “At $149.99 the Kobo eReader is roughly $100 less than the other eReading devices out there, so it provides a great way to start eReading without breaking the bank. We couldn’t be happier about partnering with a brand like Borders which shares our commitment to technological innovation, high quality, and customer value.”

The Kobo is also available for pre-order and ships out in time for Father’s Day in the U.S. Seems like a great gift and easy on the pocket as well!