Google`s Kongregate Arcade is an application gaming software that consists of more than 300 games. This software is for your phone. You can share and review the ratings and on top games you can collect mobile only badges on some of the top games. It is fully integrated with your mobile account.

This software was released and subsequently removed from the Android market. Why? This is because the Google Company does not comply with the MDD agreement, which clearly specifies the need to avail permission from them to distribute the software. There are no apparent reasons for the removal of the software app. It won 4.5 stars in appreciation of the quality of the software. However, Flash developers distribute these wrapped in an individual APK file which can be downloaded from the Kongregate website under

Since the reason is not apparent one cannot really pinpoint it as an error from Google. However, the very release of the software app was not approved by the MDD and as per the agreement developers launching their own portal and releasing the software is considered to be in error. While, the violation was on the non-compete clause, this means that the app is not available the store. However a direct download is available from the concerned website as above. Moreover, it can be run on the Android 2.2 independently with Flash installation.

Kongregate being a website with 36,000 games available for download provides entertainment means. These come from 9,000 developers enabling PC, Laptop, smart phone users to use and play these games on their respective systems. These games application are made social for comments, review, rating and forums. So the app is displayable on a 4 inch screen mostly. It works very well on tablets too. The pps is provided with weekly updates that enhance the number of games and playing features.

Then why remove it from the market? It was removed from the market the same day. Google was optimistic about re-instating the app and making it available on their app store. From Kindle to Slaker to Google Reader, these are available for browsing and downloading. According to sources in Google, the app was shown and run in front of the Google users. However, these were not necessarily the decision makers and there was a rejection when the authorities at Google came to know. In the event of the caching functionality being rectified, the apps can be enabled.

Additionally, Kongregate is working with Google to re-instate the apps. The apps itself has several apps within it which is another reason for the Google authorities to reject the apps from being published at their store. Only still available on the mobile, the Kongregate apps is dealing with the Google authorities to get back on board.From GameStop side, they will be working in combo with retailers to allow people who want the download to take it directly from the Kongegate website.