Call it cost reduction or employee independence, the food giant is ready to go for this policy

Though BYOC is not a standard name given to the policy but that’s what is being called by people all over at Kraft foods where there is being a complete new change is being implemented in employee’s work environment. BYOC means ‘Bring Your Own Computer’ and the policy name says it all. From now on the employees can bring their own computers or laptops at work, may it be Windows or Macs PCs. They can use their own computers to work with no restrictions on which brand or what so ever.

Recently, it was declared in a press conference by the Chief Information Officer, Mark Dajani that we all have our own choices and preferences in various fields from a coffee brand or a car make, as it will certainly differ from one another. If you’re given a work place where in things are not according to choices or preferences, then your output and your efficiency is surely going to get a hit, so Kraft foods decided to come up with this innovation to give their employees the independence to choose a computer of his or her choice. After all, all major office work today is done on a computer, so it is very important that the employee gets a computer on which he or she is comfortable.

Some people call this move as a cost reduction policy, Kraft doesn’t deny that completely saying that ‘yes’ it does help reduce costs but the major benefit is not just that. They say that it will be beneficial to the employees as well and will offer them comfortable work experience. If you see the results of a similar policy implemented by Citrix a year ago, they reduced their costs by 20 % and by imparting the employees this freedom they were able to enhance their work efficiency and they could work for more hours.The only thing questionable remains is, can they trust their employees safely handling the corporate data with the importance and confidentiality it deserves? Well for the second largest company in the world for snacks, confectionery and quick meals and with revenues over $48 billion every year it definitely is a matter to consider and worry about. It has around 11 famous brands who individually brings revenues over $1 billion and 70 brands whose revenue is over $100 million and its products and offices are spread over 120 countries, so you can imagine how big their employee force will be.

Well, there are some standards set in implementing this policy by Kraft foods so that people working on different type of machines don’t face a problem. Kraft is going to give its employees stipend to buy the computers of their choice but they have to use Windows Vista/7 Ultimate and if you prefer Mac it should have atleast 2GHz processing speed with 2GB of RAM and Snow leopard operating system. Windows users also need to get Windows Office and the mentioned antivirus software installed in their PCs. The policy worked for Citrix with flying colours so let’s see what results does it bring for Kraft.