The trend of globalisation is going on at a tremendous pace and we have seen many industries and companies coming out of their borders and seeking acceptability and economic growth in other nations. We have seen companies like Skype showing interest in Middle East by opening there center in Bahrain and a similar move was displayed by Intel recently. The Khalifa University of Abu Dhabi has recently started a Discovery Center in partnership with Intel. Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Reaserch (Kustar) and Intel have made this development and they are aiming on building an education sector for future leaders and scientists.

Intel already has a museum of its own in Santa Clara in the United States and in this museum Intel displays the inner side of the technology used in Intel Products. Intel wants to attract students towards technology for getting better and best lot of people to work with in near future. Discovery situated at KUSTAR in Abu Dhabi is very similar or same to the Santa Clara Museum and focuses on the same features of technology. Intel is promoting its technologies in such a way so that more and more people opt it as a career. The Discovery at KUSTAR Intel displays its own history, how Intel immerged, history of all its products and the technology associated with them. Intel’s says that they are targeting students of 9th to 12th Standard because this is the time when they plan out there career. If we can inculcate technology into them and if we can make them to like the technology then we will have ample qualified technical professionals in recent future. This develops interest in these students because they can see what they can work upon and where they can work if they chose technology as their career path.

KUSTAR’s president Sultan Al Hamidi said that we want to complement and help the government in disseminating awareness amongst students. We want every student to be aware of the latest technology so that he/she can decide their career path.

At the Discovery Center in KUSTAR visitors go through a guided tour and see how sand turns into Silicon chips. They learn a lot about the microprocessors, chip designing, chip designing factories. Visitors can also learn the Binary code and after getting idea about what this code is they can play the game called Binary Rain. Another area which interests the visitors is Intel Fab. Intel Fab stands for Intel Fabrication Facility and visitors can learn how the Silicon Fabrication is done. They come to know about the Moore’s Law and how it is applied for developing Microprocessors.
The Discovery Center at KUSTAR was inaugurated by Sheikh Hamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is the Chief of the Crown Prince Court, and Deputy Chairman of the board of Khalifa University of Science, Technology and research. HH Sheikh Hamed on this occasion said that we want youth of UAE to understand the importance of technology in today’s world and we want them choose it as a career for shaping the technologically oriented economy of tomorrow.