LaCie has recently announced that it will create a product similar to Apple’s Time Capsule, which will be called as the LaCie Wireless Space. This devices will have a  Wireless Space is a combined wireless router and NAS server.

According to LaCie, the Wireless Space will have more features than the Time Capsule. Time Capsule’s services are limited as it network storage function

not much more than a backup space for Time Machine. However, Wireless Space shares the same number of network ports similar to the Time Capsule from Apple.

Briefly, in terms of features the LaCie’s has a lot of similarities to  Network Space, such as the ability to backup large volumes of data, stream digital contents to UPnP/DLNA-compliant network players and iTunes and more.

The Wireless Space support’s Apple’s Time Machine which is installed with Genie Timeline Software. This software provides the same backup features for Windows users.

Wireless Space is only available in 1TB or 2TB of built-in storage, which are complemented by USB ports to support more via external hard drives. The product has been designed by Neil Poulton, with his signature mark of creating distinctive rectangular LaCie products.

Some of the features of Lacie can be seen as follows:

  • Wireless router
  • One WAN port and only three LAN ports
  • Support for N wireless standard however it doesn’t support dual-band, which the Time Capsule does.

LaCie’s Wireless Space will be released in October, at a cost of $230.