People’s addiction towards the use of machines has increased since the use of a Pulley. The pulley was then used in different forms and places to reduce the physical pain and stress of doing the work. Exploited usage of the calculating device such as a computer made scientists and technocrats to define a space in the computer to be called as memory space. Thus the new and advanced computers were born.

The advancement of technology in computer development has grown so much that the computers have begun to shrink. The usage of computers in offices is still the usage of desktops whereas; we have a lot of home P.Cs that are being replaced by the laptops. This is because the advancement in technology is always mesmerising the masses all around the globe. Technological advancement these days is not about the technology advancement alone, it is about how they can reduce the size of the product. This is the latest trend in developing the technological products where reducing size is an important parameter in most cases. The introduction of laptops have not stopped the purchasing of desktops but the purchase of computers as laptops is more than the desktops, for which the only reason being that the product becomes portable and has all the features that the desktop has. It also becomes an advantage that the ports and the wires are not complex in portable devices that the customer who purchases finds it easy to use and configure.

Technology has been advancing so fast that the laptops have the ability to have a 4GB RAM that which is quite a success in the field of computer assembling and it is still further a success when it becomes portable for the user. The customer feels like carrying his/her personal assistance along with him/her, all that they need would be the batteries that can keep this personal assistance alive for longer hours. The adaptability of the laptops are much better than the desktop computers also adds to the flavour to make this a well wanted product in the market over the desktop computers.

Another advantage of using the laptops over desktops is the ease with which it gets connected to other devices that are also essential for data transfer like mobile phones, cameras and so on. The usage of Internet through a laptop is more advantageous as it is portable and can connect wirelessly. In the laptop no special hardware device is required for Bluetooth data transfer; moreover the ease of performing tasks through the laptop keyboard are much easier than the desktop e.g. How to switch on a wireless connection using a desktop still is a question mark to many of its loyal and historic users whereas the laptops users find it easy.

Laptops have a lot of variants and colours to choose from. The user can choose one for their own personnel use. The different variants that are available are tablet notebooks for lower budget and student notebooks that have all the essential features for the purpose of studies.