There is good news for the Apple iPhone lovers. After the stupendous success of the Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS, Apple is going to launch its latest version in the smartphone series i.e. the iPhone 4G. This phone is expected to have new and improved performances than its older version. Apple will unveil this version in the first week of June this year; June 7 to be more precise. The phone will be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco (the traditional place where Apple phones are unveiled) on this particular date.

The technical features and applications that are available in the latest version of smartphone are yet to be known. It is because Apple is remaining mum regarding their product just for the delight of the customers on the day when it is unveiled. May be it is because Apple wants to rectify the mistake which happened during the last time i.e. the launch of 3GS where people knew all the features of the phone even before it was launched.

However rumors are that the features of Apple iPhone 4G have been leaked as well. Some unidentified reports claim that Gizmodo (A popular Weblog) has released the exciting features of the new Apple 4G based on a prototype they acquired from an Apple engineer in a bar. We do not know much about the authenticity of these reports. But it is claimed that Gizmodo is in trouble for their actions and they have been legally sued by Apple.

The features of the phone according to Gizmodo, includes a flat back and an improved rear-back camera. There is a camera on the front to enable video chatting and comes in a ceramic casing. It is also rumored that the phone is much thinner but heavier than the earlier version i.e. the 3GS. The phone is expected to have much improved battery life as well. Apart from the camera and external features, we do not know much about the applications and utilities available with the phone.

Whatever the case is, Apple 4G is going to be a revelation with applications and utilities like never before. It is also rumored that all the latest applications and softwares will be installed in the new 4G. Another good thing about June 7 is that Apple 4G will be on for sale as well. If you see, Apple normally releases their products for sale only after several weeks of its launch. But this time, the iPhone will be out on sale on the same day, just after Steve Jobs finishes his speech at the WWDC.

The price of this product is something that is keeping the customers on the edge of their seats because Steve Jobs claimed that it would be priced at $5000 because Gizmodo went ahead and leaked the features. So, wait till June 7 and until Steve Jobs finishes his speech so that the customers can get their hands on the much hyped Apple 4G iPhone.