Blackberry 9800 or Blackberry Torch is the latest launch from the company. It is a slider phone with full qwerty keypad. It is a wonderful handset with powerful features. This phone is very responsive as compared to other models. It has fluid interface, new browser for universal search, enhanced multimedia, integrated social feeds, etc.

You can view all your friends’ updates at one spot. You can update all your social networks just by typing once. You get 8 GB memory in this phone, so you can store all your favorite music and movies and watch them on the go. Blackberry Torch is launched with new desktop software 6.0 limited Beta version to help the users synchronize their handset with their computers.

People who are looking for some latest news and updates on Blackberry 9800, need to watch out for the live blog on the coming Tuesday, which will be launched by Blackberry inNew York at an event.

AT&T is again in news as it is the exclusive carrier for this smart phone. Both the Blackberry and AT&T’s CEOs would be at the launch. They might also launch a tablet on the same day. Users are expecting some exciting news on Tuesday.

Federal Communications Commission, an independent agency of United States which regulates interstate and international communications through radio and television, via wire, cable and satellite, has given a green signal to AT&T as a carrier for Blackberry 9800, a product of Research In Motion (RIM).

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) refers to the same as, “Blackberry Smart Phone model RCY71UW”. The backside wireframe forms a perfect match to the previous exclusive pictures when superimposed. The test result of FCC liberally refers to various associated documents about “Multi Source Declaration_9800_”.

A document from FCC confirms that the new Blackberry 9800 has WI-fi and Bluetooth 802.11b/g/n, quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and tri bands 900/1800 MHz and UMTS (Radio) I 2100 bands. The slider has been tested up and down, open and closed. However, if you are still curious to know more about this latest invention, then catch up with the live blog. It also supports the AT&T’s 3G network.

Other Specifications

Blackberry Torch/9800 has a Tethered modem to provide speedy internet connection. It has a fluid display of 3.2” HVGA and touch screen. It has Blackberry® messenger and maps. Blackberry 9800 has an upgraded 5mp camera with flash and image stabilizer, etc.

Blackberry 9800 is expected to outshine its competitors with its latest technology and advanced features, such as Apple’s iPhone which uses Google Android. This new handset is better than the previous models with its latest software versions. Research In Motion has done proper R&D to invent this impressive smart phone.