Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), manufacturer of main board, system, graphics card, barebones and laptops, has released the latest Black GTX 460 graphics card that offers over clocking capabilities and unmatched performance incredible game to meet the needs of key players. Targeting the premium segment, the GTX 460 graphics card ECS Black offers excellent gaming effects, authentic materials and design of the firmware, which are critical actors over 20% of over clocking and strengthen supply much more than game graphical reference designed.

A mid-range based ECS Black Fermi GTX 460 graphics card offers a very fast GPU support DirectX 11 and is available on a great regular price environment. His new medium tessellation will play to achieve a new level of graphics. GeForce GTX 460 packets of 336 hearts Cuda powerful can help the task of recruiting GPGPU. Characteristics of the graphics card is installed on an integrated solution that comes with 1024 MB of GDDR5 is a 256-bit data bus. It offers support for OpenGL 4.0 and DirectX 11 for incredible performance.

Other Highlights

Other features are its scalability that comes with the support of two-way SLI. Comes with two dual-link DVI-I and HDMI (compatible with HDMI 1.4 standard), which connects with two high definition displays that is surrounded by NVIDIA 3D Surround Vision Technology, to experience the game above the rim. Promises offers up to four times the performance of competitive processors, real-time PhysX, and 3D-Popping, ECS Black GTX 460 graphics card DX11 support functions such as paving and compute shaders Civilization V will run faster, while better than ever.

Card’s Technology

Built from the ground up with DirectX 11 Tessellation, Black GTX 460 GPUs deliver exceptional performance mosaic up to 4 times the performance for GPU competitors. Black GTX 460 video card is adapted to Arctic Cooling the correct solution technique with dual cooling fan Ultra-quiet and an excellent four heat pipes, a graphics card that works very well, even if the driving speed of the loading area of Entire over clocking mode high. ECS Black GTX 460 graphics card also includes two dual-links DVI, I and a mini HDMI output that supports three high-resolution displays with a pure digital signal, powered by Nvidia’s Vision 3D Surround Technology, which players can enjoy the 3D multi- screen stereo gaming experience, which never happened before.


The ECS Black families GTX 460 graphics card comes with 336 cores of CUDA and powerful 256 / 192 1024 / 768 MB GDDR5 bit data bus that shows the performance of incredible game, with full OpenGL 4.0 and DirectX 11 compatible, players can enjoy the incredible level of visual detail and the unprecedented level of detail and realism in the latest games. NVIDIA 3D vision technology provides the graphics power and bandwidth needed to experience video games and Blu-ray high definition stereoscopic 3D amazing.

Special Features

1024 MB of DDR5 Video RAM. 256 bit of Main Memory Bus. 2 Dual-link DVI-I ports. 1 x Mini HDMI 1.4 digital out port for High Definition media. Support for Microsoft DirectX11. Support for OpenGL 4.0. The GTX 460 graphics card comes with 3-year warranty.