In what might prove to be extremely advantageous for Adobe, the latest version of Flash – Flash Player 10.1 – will be launched today. This new software is designed to work in conjunction with Google’s new android mobile operating system, thus rejuvenating the entire mobile browsing experience.

According to Adobe, the new version of Flash software will allow videos to run smoothly on mobile phones, even with the internet browser being able to support and open more sophisticated websites. The launch of this new version of Flash 10.1 is expected to give stiff competition to Apple manufactured notebooks, palmtops etc.

Not surprisingly, Apple’s Steve Jobs has let his apprehensions, regarding the usability of the new version of Flash, be known to the world. According to him, the new Flash software will not be able to change much within the mobile community. The reasons he cited were that the mobile users are on a lookout for “low power devices, touch interfaces and open web standards” – all of which are lacking in the Flash software.

However, despite his criticism, the entire mobile industry is excitedly awaiting the launch of Flash 10.1. Out of the 20 companies dealing with mobile handsets, 19 have decided to adapt to this new flash software. Some of the features being ‘flashed’ by the new Flash 10.1 are: easy updates, access to more expressive applications, content and high definition videos, touch-screen support, usage of GPU for videos in order to save battery life and HTTP streaming and content protection software powered by Flash Access 2.0. To add to the many positives, Adobe has also assured the industry of the “open format”, while providing tools to the content publishers, partners and distributors for aptly utilizing the HTTP infrastructure, enabling media delivery in Flash 10.1. Flash 10.1 also supports RTMFP groups, which allows the users within one network to easily communicate and share media & communications, without the hassle of connecting with every group member.

It has been a known fact that Adobe’s Flash covers almost 90 percent of the online content and 70 percent of the online games, hence making it a must-have amongst computer users. With the launch of Flash 10.1, Adobe is aiming to now capture the smartphones and mobile market as well. Presently, smartphones use the Flash- lite version, which is effective enough for browsing but does not support all the online content. Flash 10.1 is here to change this scenario! Reports and reviews from people who have tested the software claim that Flash 10.1 has made mobile browsing fun, leaving no website out of bounds. Apart from that, even the battery life remains unaffected by the new version of Flash, hence quelling fears posed by many! Nevertheless, it may be too early to judge this new technology but going by its awaiting reception, it seems like the Flash 10.1 wave is here to stay and revolutionize the entire mobile handset world. Sorry Mr. Jobs, looks like you are in for a stiff competition this time around!