Many geeks found unprecedented chinks in the armor of Apple’s new operating system iPhone OS 3.x, which was upgraded to root out security issues. But this operating system can be easily hacked, and the exposed Apple’s false claims that their security problems regarding the operating system have been solved. The phone can be easily hacked and a large amount of essential and clandestine data can be used in wrong ways. Thus in a way speaking Apple’s iPhone is still vulnerable at large.

Earlier in the year Apple was made aware if the security flaws related to its operating system 2.02, and thus Apple issued a public apology and asked for some time to fix the problem. Then Apple came out with the upgraded operating system 3.x. Many believed the security flaws would be solved. Amongst the earlier flaws the phone allowed illegal access to solicited mail accounts and many important secured files. As iPhone is also a business level phone, many of the phones of executives contains private and secure data of big corporations which have information which cannot be shared to public. Thus any enterprise user is at potential risk when it comes to using the new Apple iPhone 3G or 3GS with upgraded operating system.

According to security analyst all one needs is the latest version of Ubuntu operating system to access and hack any iPhone with so called upgraded and fixed operating system, thus exposing the vulnerable iPhone. They analyst added that the newly that the encryption level problem on the upgraded OS still exist on the iPhone. When Apple was made aware last year that simple hacking tool could be installed in its operating system and the system can be hacked off its data, Apple decided to employ new operating system with added security. But theses security upgrades where not enough after it wad found that the latest version of Ubuntu could easily hack into the data of the iPhone. It was found that both the on device encryption and even the encrypted back ups of the iPhone via iTunes could be easily hacked into.

It was found that the jail breaking tools weren’t even required to tweak into any important data stored in to the phone, thus exposing the level of vulnerability of the phone. Using the latest version of Ubuntu that is 4.0, one can easily mount a flash storage device in to the memory of the iPhone. Then the iPhone would provide easy access within the files, and even those files with encrypted pins could be accessed. The catch is that the iPhone’s kernel dismounts the file and decrypts the encrypted file when a user asks for it. The security flaws easily allow access to videos, pictures, documents of the user when mounted on the Ubuntu. Thus any one with Ubuntu has a free ride through your data when plugged in.

It clearly shows that Apple has tones of work to be done on its operating system. And with Apple’s reputation riding on it, it may be a matter of time, that Apple solves it and comes back with a permanent solution.