Protecting you’re the files in your drives can now be possible through Bitlocker. Bitlocker has two types. The first type of Bitlocker is called the Bitlocker Drive Encryption. This type is capable of protecting your filed and documents stored in the drives installed in your computer. The second type which is the Bitlocker To Go offers protection of your files that are located in the removable devices slot in your computer. Both are capable of protecting your files from hackers and other strangers attempting to access your files without your permission.

Bitlocker encrypts the files and require the authentication of the users before accessing the files stored in a specific location. It makes use of TPM or Trusted Platform Module in securing the files. This is the key to detect a possible corruption on the system at the startup process. Once discovered that an altering was made, the computer automatically be in recovery mode. And the only way to access the computer and the files again is to have the startup key for the TPM ad the Bitblocker password.


TPM could be used raw, with password, with startup key or with both password and startup key.

Choose which is more comfortable for you. It is important to remember that Bitblocker only functions with Microsoft as its partner. When a non-Microsoft TPM is installed as the driver, Bitblocker will not recognize it and would report an absence of TPM. Bitblocker would not be turned on with a non-Microsoft TPM driver and unless it is removed.

When your computer is locked due to detection of possible corruption on the computer, you can access and unlock your computer by using either a password or a smart card. The password is set up in the Group Policy Settings- the same way that TPM is set. The password will unchain lock on data drives. Moreover, in using smart card, you have to make sure that you have a certificate compatible with your smart card. A certificate-based protection is made and built on the drive when using a smart card. This requires an unencrypted data which is found in the drive in the protector’s metadata.


Another thing that you need to remember is that Bitblocker automatically unlocks when the user log on to Windows. But this happens if the Windows installed is also encrypted by Bitblocker. Moreover, if you plan to check your encrypted files out, you have to authenticate the drive first before being able to access the files. You could just click My Computer then choose the drive where the files that you want to check out is located. Right click it and choose unlock to be able to access the drive and the files in it.

How do you setup Bitblocker? Setting up is simple. Bitblocker can be accessed through the Control Panel or the Website where Bitblocker program could be downloaded. If would actually be up to you if you are using Btiblocker with TPM or just the raw Bitblocker. Set it up in the Bitblocker Group Policy Settings before running the program. Be certain that you understand what Birblocker does and make sure that you learn about how it works before deciding to finally run the program.