Twitter has become one of the most important and well known social networks on the Internet. Millions of people all over the world are members of the site with thousands of people joining each day. There are various benefits of being a member of a social networking site and as a member, you would also benefit from the number of contacts that you have who are following on Twitter. The benefits of Twitter are that you will be able to expand your Internet marketing or affiliate marketing business. You will also be able to have a forum where you can discuss your ideas and benefit from it.

Since Twitter is being used to promote and expand many of the online businesses, there are people looking out for new methods of expanding the number of followers on Twitter. There are a few effective methods of doing this on the Internet and they are listed here.

1. Join groups: There are various social groups on the Internet and try to join as many in them as possible. As you become a member of one group, you come into contact with the hundreds of members of that group. Once you are able to attract them with your knowledgeable comments in the group discussions, you will become a very important member of the group. As you interact with others, there is a huge possibility that they will actively become your follower. You can also try to invite them to become your follower.
2. Follow other people: Follow other people and in turn, you will see that many people start following you. This is one of the most effective methods of making more followers on Twitter. Since people try to use this method a lot for their business, there are “scamsters” trying to make people to join them as followers. This has made the site to be wary of people adding too many followers in one day. To avoid deactivation of your account, try to add only a few people each day and you will have many people following you over a period of time.
3. Use the features on Twitter to good effect: Another method that can be used to increase the number of followers on twitter is to use up many of the tools that are available in Twitter. People would like to look at who you are and so you should complete your profile and personality profile. Add a picture of yourself as this would increase the number of people who realize that you are a legitimate person.
4. Send replies: There are many people who ask questions on Twitter and when you reply to them, they might become your followers and this is one of the better methods of adding followers on twitter.

The methods of adding many followers on Twitter may work only if you are diligent and spend a lot of time and effort. There are some automatic systems available, but many of these systems fail and you will be left with a deactivated account. So try to use legitimate methods to add followers and you are sure to be successful.