The CES 2011was rather confusing this time. The CES 2010 dazzled techies worldwide with their stereoscopic 3 D. In the CES 2011the trend was different. 3D was not to be seen much, rather the whole show was flooded with smart phones and tablets. Except that, this time, Apple wasn’t seen around, instead a number of other players made headway, turning the theme of CES 2011 to tablets.

While players like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc. introduced wonderful, high tech smart phones and tablets, Lenovo turned the tables towards a new concept. Lenovo displayed the LePad Slate on the Android 2.2 platform, a tablet based on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Lenovo went one step ahead introducing the IdeaPad U 1 Hybrid. The LePad, a 10.1 inch tablet, measuring only 0.5 inches thick including 3G wireless WAN, like almost all Android slates, uses the Lenovo LeOS, their own user interface along with set of tablet apps. The IdeaPad U1 is the extension of the LePad, a Keyboard Dock, where the LePad when inserted to the Keyboard Dock becomes the display of the netbook. Just slide a switch and the LePad with the Android switches to the IdeaPad operating on Windows 7.

The IdeaPad has a 1.2 GHz core I fi – 540UM processor, a 2 GB memory, 320 GB hard drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Windows 7. You can now use the LePad with the Keyboard Dock like a laptop on the go. The plugging of the LePad into the clamshell case with an integrated keyboard powers up to provide a complete Windows7 desktop OS experience. Once docked the device powered by an Intel CULV processor brings you the power of imagination.

The LePad slate has a front facing camera for video chat with wireless integration to support WCDMA and EVDO connections. The 10.1 inch HD display of a resolution of 1280 x 800 with 16 or 32 GB memory, internal will be sold separately or with the IdeaPad U 1 Hybrid base will be initially released in Q1 2011 only in China.  The half inch thick tablet is on offer in black textured leather, white, brown and scarlet colors. Trust Lenovo to bring in the unique multi spaced-touch Android tablet to work like a laptop with the IdeaPad U 1 Dock / Keyboard and that too with a full Windows 7 experience. Best of both worlds, Lenovo has brought in a product with a better concept of being able to leave the bulk at home and carry a tablet. The battery life in the tablet mode is also exceptional.

There is no news however as to when this hybrid product will be made available in the UK, USA and other parts of the world. No doubt, this information was leaked earlier than the CES 2011, so, no surprises really at the show barring announcement of official specs and official press shots.