If the end of the world is not enough inspiration to go green, why not try something that will benefit you as well? Laptops and other mobile devices now have greener carbon footprints. These still have carbon footprint but at least your conscience will not wrecked by worrying about pollution or your contribution towards the end of the world as we know it.

Computing Features

Lenovo announced the unveiling of its ThinkPad L412 and L512 laptops today. This new L series features the latest Intel technologies, military tough durability and strong web conferencing all starting under $700. These come with a choice of i3 and i5 processors with Turbo boost and Hyper threading or HT Technology. HT technology processes multi-tasking operations between the computers’ processors, making it possible to take advantage of the i3 and i5 Intel processors in the laptop. The RAM can also support up to 8 GB and comes with a 500 HD and 7 in 1 built-in card reader.

Display and Graphics

The 14-inch L412 and 15-inch L512 comes with a 16:9 HD antiglare displays. The L series offers an Intel integrated graphics, but if that’s not your cup tea, it can also perform under ATI Mobility Radeon graphic cards.


The L series survived a battery of military specification tests. These tests tied the L series capacity for endurance at the typical office set-up and also the rigors of field work. The exams showed that the L series’ stamina showed it can endure high and low temperatures, high altitudes, certain vibrations, the perennial accumulation of dust and much more.

Green Footprint

The laptops under L series uses almost 30 percent recycled office water jugs and other IT products. The L512 contains the industry’s highest post consumer content (PCC) with its 18 percent usage in a laptop. Lenovo also ships these products in a 100 percent recycled packaging. According to the company, the laptops save as much as 10 plastic water bottles and 10 paper cups for its packaging.

Web Conferencing features

The L series covers almost all connectivity options available. It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G. Designed largely for web conferencing, the L series boasts of a paramount voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) leverage. The built –in high resolution camera has an automatic white balance control that will work splendidly under low lighting conditions.

The L series also comes with an array of keyboard controls for managing its audio. Another dedicated short cut key, Fn + F6 activates the VoIP settings control, allowing users to navigate quickly through the VoIP settings GUI.

Battery Life

The 6-cell battery life however is a maximum of 8 hours only—a standard but not so impressive feature since laptops nowadays boasts of 11 hours or more for those using Pixel Qi displays. A bit disappointing because what good would a laptop bring if you continuously need to plug it to recharge throughout the day? Although it boasts of surviving a couple of outdoor endurance tests, it forgot to consider that outdoors might mean camping and hiking and several no-where-near-electricity sites.

Boot-up sequence however might seem faster so it might save a few minutes of its battery life

Bottom Line
You can literally become one with nature with this made for rugged adventures laptop. However, you have to makes sure you come up for a charging session once in a while. Going green is one of the hottest themes nowadays and Lenovo brings this laptop series to the forefront in terms of eco-friendliness. Starting at $649, this series is actually attractive for its features.

Hate to burst your bubble though, if your laptop is still working and you’re still eking out performance from it, the greenest you can go is to stop and think. Do you need to put another electrical gadget on the pile of detritus that we call ecological excesses or you’d rather wait until it croaks?

OF course, for any gadget geek, going green is reason enough to warrant a visit to eBay or your local computer/laptop dealers.