Lenovo introduces its latest notebooks and newest consumer PC’s to keep the users entertained anytime, anywhere. Lenovo’s C200, integrated with optional NVIDIA ION graphics and IdeaPad S10-3s, is a slim notebook that comes in attractive designs and colors. These two series of notebooks offer a range of complete features with elegant looks and easy computing services. Lenovo’s PC is a family computer which can be used in leisure time of user either in the living room or on holidays for fun.

Exploring features of C200 and IdeaPad S10-3s

Lenovo C200 is the efficient notebook that features sported with 18.5 inches HD 16:9 widescreen display and NVIDIA ION 256 MB graphics processor that supports highly defined videos. This compact model is affordable and is integrated with one touch panel. This computer is available with Intel Atom Dual core Processor D510 and DVD reader or writer. It is an ideal PC for home that offers improved chat communication service. It provides music clarity because of its incorporated stereo speakers and its high sensing Lenovo’s webcam delivers larger lens and better color to provide photographs with the highest contrast and perfect image, especially when clicked in the low light environment. C200’s wide graphics and big screen makes it the best source for the user to access Internet, share family photos and play games. Last but not least, C200 is equipped with Lenovo’s Rescue System; which is a simple and easy backup to restore back essential data files. Thus, this notebook offers great computing experience to its users.

IdeaPad S10-3s is a perfectly slim 16mm and light weight notebook to make it an optimum choice for the customers who are all the time looking forward to an instant experience of web browsing. This device is integrated with new Intel Atom N470 or N450 processor and is available in attractive colors. Equipped with stylish rounded keys, this notebook offers faster web connectivity with Quick Start and enables users access to all the applications; multimedia and web browsing without the requirement of booting to the operating system of windows desktop. S10-3s is equipped with Dolby headphone audio for enhanced music and video files. DirectShare allows the user to sync their files seamlessly with other computer brands and types. It’s MapLife mapping, which is the location based application will help you discover new destinations worldwide. Its Active protection system is provided as a standard incorporation. It offers VeriFace, which gives the face recognition and OneKey data recovery system plus effective anti-virus tools. Last but not least the user can select the option of a wireless suite from Wi-Fi, VWAN, and 3G to Bluetooth in this notebook.

Make the right choice

Lenovo will reveal its notebooks; C200 and IdeaPad S10-3s in the beginning and mid of April respectively. Moreover, they are reasonably priced starting from $ 399 and $ 379. Thus, Lenovo’s latest models C200 and IdeaPad S10-3s are truly unbeatable and with their significant features, they are undoubtedly the brightest choice for today’s users.