As part of its addition to Last week Tuesday’s preamble of its three new servers, Lenovo will be adding another extra 2-processor servers. The company reported that it is adding a value line of the 2-processor servers to bolster the three it launched recently as it seeks to expand its presence and reach. However what I loved about the new servers is their retailing price upon introduction into the market. At only 800 dollars, it seems like a reasonable price and the new servers, according to Lenovo are mainly targeted at the SMB market.

The New Servers

Analysts were already keen on Lenovo’s moves as it introduced its two new rackmount servers and a new tower server. All the new releases work upon Intel’s new Xeon 5500 and Xeon 5600 processors mechanisms. According to the company, its new releases are aimed at the ever burgeoning SMB market and the myriad of solution providers who operate in that market. As such, it will be interesting to see how Lenovo’s new releases cut it out in the SMB market. Will its strategy work or not, that would be the question on every industry pundit’s minds. On the same breath though, Lenovo’s new servers are inclusive of a remote management and hot swap hard drives for each of the current models.

SMB Market Segment

However, the company said there are some particular few base configurations that do not share the feature but even so, the company said it plans to foster innovation and value with these and others of its servers as it takes advantage of the growing SMB market segment. If you have ever been keen on their Servers, you will remember that the company has other existing servers in the market such as its series of 1-processor and 2-processor servers in its ThinkServer family. Even so, the new models have one hindrance that the older models did not have. Whereas the older versions of their servers had space for more memory and other features that made them the impressive performers they were, the new models lack room for additional memory.

Lenovo Remains Confident

I think that somehow explains their relatively affordable introductory price tag. The older versions of Lenovo’s servers retailed at relatively higher prices. But regardless of the minor limitation, Lenovo said it is confident with the performance of its latest servers as they serve most of their operational needs for SMBs. Just to mention the latest releases, Lenovo had versions such as the ThinkServer RD 230 which is basically a 1U rackmount server that can be set to use one or two Intel Xeon 5500 or Xeon 5600 processors, an amazing 64 gigabytes of memory and about four SAS or SATA hard drives at the maximum. That is not the end, Lenovo included a hot-swap storage, RAID 5 data protection and the remote management feature.  Others include the ThinkServer RD240 with room for eight drives, the ThinkServer TD230 which is a tower server with specs akin to RD230.

The servers are available but can only be bought from the company’s solution dealers.