HP has finally decide on its CEO after the much hype surrounding the sacking of its ex-CEO Mark Hurd , last month. The new CEO to be appointed is Léo Apotheker who is the outgoing boss of SAP. Léo Apotheker will replace the interim CEO, Cathie Lesjak and joining on November 1 to the company’s board of directors.

HP had seen a lot of ups and downs last month when it had sacked Mark Hurd on an alleged sexual harassment case. However it was only when Oracle had offered Mark Hurd its position as the co-President of its organization that things started to heat up between HP and Oracle on confidentiality issues.

Léo Apotheker, was initially appointed to the post of co-CEO of SAP in 2002. He was appointed as the CEO of SAP in 2008.  Being a graduated in International relations and Economics, Leo Apotheker planned to streamline the IT industry. His entry into SAP and the CEO has significantly added to the growth of the company.