The changed version of the world has preferred to depend on technology in doing almost everything. The modern world has started using technology in almost every single field of life. The world of mobile phones has evolved a lot in the recent years. There are several changes that have happened in the positive way. There are numerous companies who have taken in up to themselves for coming up with new technologies on a regular basis. It is for the users to ensure that they stay with the same pace of the evolution of the modern technology. The mobile phone is no longer just a tool which is used for communication. The mobile phones of the modern world are more like palm tops which can be used in doing a lot of things. There are numerous applications which are introduced to the world on a regular basis. These applications are very useful and can make life a lot simpler for the users. However, the thing to note in this context is the fact that, the users would need to upgrade the operating systems of their phones, in order to use these applications.

The world of mobile phones has been dominated by the companies like Samsung and LG. The companies have managed to meet the requirement of the modern world and have managed to come up with new versions of mobile phones on a regular basis. The Samsung Acclaim and LG Ally have managed to gain a lot of popularity in almost all parts of the world. However, the popularity curve was just dipping, when the companies realised that half of the population which are using Android, are using the version of Android 2.2.

This factor has forced the companies to ensure that the mobile phones are upgraded to the latest version of operating system. This factor was extremely necessary for maintaining the user satisfaction level. The companies consider customer satisfaction as their top most priority and this upgrade was a good proof of that. There are several excellent applications which require the latest version of Android. These applications have managed to gain a huge degree of popularity in almost all parts of the world. Apart from this factor, the latest version of operating system, is far more durable and has several new add-ons. The Android 2.2 uses the latest version of flash player and thus is able to make the surfing experience a much better one in more ways than one. The upgrade was hugely appreciated by most parts of the world. This factor is well reflected in many worldwide surveys. There are users who have appreciated the decision in a huge way.

It is strongly advised to all the users to ensure that they get to use the Android 2.2. The version is so brilliant that, mere words are not enough to explain it.