LG Electronics recently revealed news on the development of its first tablet pc, promising that it will be lighter and thinner than the current competing tablets available. The upcoming tablet pc will be based on Google’s Android OS platform. By perusing this field of production, LG has joined the competition along with largely established corporations like Apple, Dell and Samsung. In LG announcement, they expressed their interests in developing a tablet that will run on Google’s Android OS. According to the plans ahead, the tablet will be available by the end of the year. Unfortunately, there are still few details concerning the product to be released.

Why LG entered the Tablet PC market

With so many tablet devices being announced this year, such as the iPad, LG did not conclude on which devices their upcoming tablet will compete with. The iPad is an example of a product that has realized a massively successful release. It is predicted to be the next hot item of this year and might even gain market shares. Forrester Research predicts that by 2013, tablets will overrun notebooks. LG seems to be making appropriate investment plans to prepare for this future. Research director Chris Hazelton said, “a bigger threat will be from the tablet, with people saying ‘If I’m going to mostly do web browsing, why have a keyboard?’ and they increasingly will want a display device dedicated to viewing content.”

How will their product compete?

Hazelton suggested that LG’s Android-powered tablet pc might compete with Apple’s iPad with its “thinner and lighter” form in comparison to other tablets. Rumor has it that the upcoming device will have several features that are lacking in the iPad. Some of these features are removable batteries and expandable memory. “Hopefully, these [Android] devices can run 10 or more hours like the iPad can,” Hazelton said, “having spare batteries is much better than having the whole thing sent for a checkup which sadly the iPad requires if it encounters such issues.” Hazelton also noted that opening the casing of an iPad would void its warranty, causing an inconvenience to customers.

Features that may give LG a leading edge

LG has many other features that it could use to gain advantage in the competition. One of the most consumer demanded features is Video Chat. Many tablet pc in the market lack this feature. LG even has a bonus from incorporating the Android OS in their device: applications like Google Docs and Google Voice are integrated. Hazelton mentioned, “Google Voice…is almost unusable on the iPad and iPhone because it’s a web app and not a native app that was approved by Apple.” A tablet pc that supports this feature will definitely be preferred for those who are experienced with Google products and services. With all the plans for the future, LG has essentially promised more than just a “thinner and lighter” alternative to tablet pcs currently flooding the market. Their new product may be a considerable substitute for consumers that are unsatisfied with the iPad. However, LG has not mention if the new technology would do better in performance. It is expected to be a successful release with the Android OS running in it.