When the technology raises its standards then catching up with becomes extremely important. You cannot sit back and use the same old gadgets that have become outdated with time. Same is the cause for people running after the high end three dimensional televisions which are amazingly relishing. In case you are an ardent television freak then what can be better for you than the amazing TV from LG.

If all the above statements actually appeal to you then you must surely go in for buying a 3D TV. You not only need 3D television but also a 3D attuned hardware, 3D glasses and of course something in 3D that you can watch or play. As you require lot of different hardware and components, many TV making companies are coming up with bundle sets in order to market 3D viewing. One such company that has recently joined the list of TV maker companies is LG. This wonderful TV adds new life to your living-room!

LG has lately joined the race for providing 3D TV bundle bandwagon with companies like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and many more. As stated in one of the press release, LG will provide customers that buy any LX6500 LED HDTV or LG LX9500 along with the 3 dimensional Blu-ray Disc player from participating LG vendors, two pairs of 3D active shutter glasses will be provided free of cost along with an instant dollar 100 discount and a bonus certificate that you can redeem. This offer is however applicable till the supply lasts.

An LG spokesperson also disclosed that the least expensive LG 3D TV is of 47-inch and the model number is LX6500. The cost of this model is kept close to $2,200. The total cost reaches up to $2,400 when you buy the BX580 player worth $300 which is necessary to get a discount and 2 pair of free 3D active shutter glasses. This price is almost the entry price that is asked by Samsung for its 3D TV model number, UN46C7000.

Apart from LG, TV makers like Sony, Panasonic and many others have come up with a different plan to attract customers. Panasonic is offering its 3D TV purchasers; free 3D discs vouchers whereas Sony is rewarding its customers with free Games CDs.  However, 3D TV customers have every reason to go for purchasing of the Sony PlayStation 3 along with a separate player as the console will get a 3D Blu-ray upgrade in the coming month of September.

LG is one company that continuously promotes the thought “Life’s Good”. And indeed this new television is all set to make your life good with the eternally exhilarating performance which adds a new dimension to your television viewing. The 3D TV from LG is absolutely a must have for the new age people who want to live life in the best style that is beyond imagination.