In a move that could only mean expansion and business growth, LG plans to further its business by commencing operations in 23 more countries. Having launched its mobile applications store recently, the company said it is now keen on expanding its presence in the 23 countries.

Places They have Opened

Locations being considered are countries such as South Africa, India and Australia amongst a host of other 20 states the South Korean company is targeting. Currently, LG’s store boasts more than 3000 available apps that can be used by feature phones, windows Mobile phones but it is expected that with the launch of the Android platform, the applications may expand exponential with time.

As it is right now, if you visit the Australian apps store, all the available are open source, meaning you can download them for free. However, even though they are free for download, the Australian apps store divides users into Single, Double or Triple membership categories. In that breadth, the users will get access to additional apps with regard to the level they are at currently.

Levels and their working

Each level comes with an additional number of available applications and the ones you can download will largely be determined by the level you are. As a user in Australia, you get activity points through rating the apps available, sharing it over mail and a number of other activity points earning mechanisms. However, if you are in the US, you might need to exercise a little patience if you are an LG enthusiast because as it is, the company is yet to say anything about an American launch. On the other hand though, countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy and Iran are scheduled to get the apps store sometime late this year, the company said.

Global Focus

You will remember, if you are an LG enthusiast that the company just launched its apps store the previous week and this expansion talk must mean big business. The expansion of the mobile application store is something analysts as well phone enthusiasts will follow keenly as LG canvasses the 23 states globally. The company’s business chief, Ahn Seung-kwon reiterated the company’s plans as regards the smartphone market and all indications are the company is gearing for some tough competition. Having experienced a sloppy start in the smart phone segment of the mobile market, the company said it had not foreseen the smartphone business grow this fast and will be making a comeback in the third quarter this year. The rebound is something we all look forward to given its not so impressive second quarter results in mobile sales.

As it is, the company is promising to launch an “iPhone Killer” as the business called it and would take advantage of the Android and the windows phone 7 to make its comeback in the coming two years, even as it expands its business and seeks strategy to change its dwindling mobile sales.