Is LG the new first name of Google Android? There is no doubt that if and when Google Android is launched, it would compete with Apple’s iPad. However, who would be its manufacturer? What is going to be Google Android’s first name?

The Google Android is said to be a brain child of Google CEO Eric Schmidt. It used to be that they are only tinkering about the idea of coming up with Android-powered tablet, usually described as “an e-reader that would function like a computer.”

There used to be no definite news about it just that, it is making iPad work twice as hard to make sure that they accommodate all their customers before competition really sets in. Still, there are already some comparisons made without really having the gadget out in the market.

The Google Android is said to be more user-friendly in terms of customization of its face and features as well as the apps that would be included. While Apple iPad is making sure that the gadget stays on how they like it, the leniency of Google Android would be apparent.

This leniency may only be curtailed if users would be coming from AT&T that they do not allow third party downloads. Still, as lenient as a Google Android may provide for Flash use. Thus, this would bring this gadget closer to many more users. This is much more enjoyable with tethering, that it may actually make the users keen on it. These are seen more in the current Android phone.

On top of these, the Google Android may very well have all the perks of Google related services, say, Gmail as well as Google Voice. This would help keep it just as close to those that are already into these services. Such user indulgence would be able to provide a closer links to Apple user towards discovering Android-based designs.

Aside from the whole apps and features debate, there is also the time-honored debate on which would actually look better. There are many conceptual designs that are going around bloggers on how the Google Android may look like. Still, there is still no concrete news on this.

LG, on the other hand, has been one strong contender in the realm of bloggers as the one most likely to handle this launch. Thus, many are already looking forward to this partnership.

In actuality, there is still no hard news on how this may look like in turn. There is no concrete news whether this project is already ongoing or if it is iPad-inspired news to bring fire into sales. Still, it would be great if there would be some that users can choose from.

Perhaps, if LG would be the new first name for the Goggle Android, there would be a great stir as to the Apple iPad. Still, the concept of the Android phone that has been lifted and may probably one used to develop the Google Android is a big plus to those looking forward to a more personalized touch for their own gadgets.