The future is 3D so there have been a number of unveilings around the world with some of the incredible devices. Every vendor around the world is trying to come up with a distinguished product just to help you get the best out of your experience. LG is a vendor that has been into the business of notebook computers for long. The company is basically an electronics company giving you the type of products you have always dreamt for. They believe that “Life’s Good” and try to prove that with the distinct product range.

LG Xnote R590 3D Notebook:

LG has come up with a 3D notebook recently that is their first entry into the arena of 3D notebooks. The company is known for giving quality notebooks in the past but this latest addition is something that has added to the complete range. The product can be purchased as a single unit or in combination with a 3D gaming monitor and a 3D projector that will add more to the productivity of your experience using the notebook. The general trends in the 3D displays are to work best with the shutter glasses while LG has come up with its own polarized 3D glasses. The polarized glasses are certainly very light compared to the shutter glasses that are going to reduce weight and eye fatigue.

The 3D notebook is currently available in Korea but is expected to hit stores around the world in the near future. The price hasn’t been mentioned as yet but you can expect the best deal in a reasonable price compared to the excellent features provided.

Technical Specifications:

LG Xnote R590 3D features the latest of the Intel Processor range. It has an Intel Core i7 processor with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz. It also features a vibrant 15.6 inch display that is made by LG itself providing you with the active color contrast that you love to see on a computer’s display. You also get a NVIDIA GeForce GT335M graphics card with the deal that will let you have a control over games that require a lot of graphic resources. For 2D video conversions, you have the TriDef software; this software converts the 2D videos into 3D videos in real time. The device does not only feature the best display around in the market but you also get excellent audio quality through the SRS Tru-Surround HD.

You can get an optional Blu-ray drive that will help you play movies on the Blu-ray discs enhancing your experience by many folds. It also features the standard Ethernet as well as Wi-Fi with 802.11n band. You get a splendid memory of 4GB by default that you can certainly expand with the hard disk space of 500 GB. The enormous disc space is going to give you maximum space to store all your games and videos. Your computer will be your own media gallery with unlimited media and a machine that certainly is made for the media.