LG, one of the biggest players in the home entertainment business along with Samsung and Sony has come out with its home system for watching Blu ray cinema. This home system is wireless and has the slimmest accessories that you would get to see in a home theater system!

This Blu ray home system is not just any ordinary system as there are lots of other things that come with it. Slim front rear speakers and a sub woofer with a capacity of 1100 watts are a couple of the noticeable features of this system. The speakers can be easily mounted on the walls of your room and could even be a very good accessory for your 47 inch television! Do not go by the size of the speakers as they are not a reflection of what this system is capable of. This quality of this sound system should be greatly attributed to the advanced sound technology of LG along with the contribution of Mr. Mark Levinson, the audio expert, who has worked wonders for the sound capacity of the system.

It is not only the technical aspects of the system but also looks of the system that is very appealing. They bear a contemporary look and are designed as per the latest trends. The system can also be wirelessly connected to access Internet and it has a dock which could be used for listening to and charging your iPod.

The features of this blu-ray home system are unique and cannot be compared to any other Blu ray system. Because of the Internet, one can watch you tube videos , watch photo albums or even get weather information. This system will also enable the viewer to unlock all the features of a Blu ray disc which are generally not possible with other players. BD-Live is the name of the system which helps them do that.

This system can also be wirelessly connected to systems like compatible storage devices or computers. It can be connected to an external hard drive with the help of a USB cable. The audio quality of the system is the finest as LG has incorporated one of the most advanced audio processing systems. The sound gallery enables the customer to customize the sound as per their requirements and there are also some additional features such as natural plus, game equalizer, clear voice, bass blast, night mode, etc. which takes the audio experience to a whole new level.

Some of the key specifications of this system include 5.1 ch, 1100W of power, BD-Live and bonus view, disc playback for Blu ray in 1080p full HD, Net cast, TV sound with optical in, LG sound gallery, two HDMI inputs, wireless LAN & DLNA, iPhone dock for playing and recharge, MKV playback etc.

If are looking for a quality audio system for your living room, then it is essential that you consider this Blu ray system to be a strong contender! It is sure to light up the market with its presence and will challenge the best in the business.