The active add up of users on Facebook has passed over 400 million— United states has 25% of the user out of 100% and remianing 75% are outside US. It was mid-2008 when the social media giant “Facebook” exceeded the amount of search than the phrase “sex” as a search term on Google. The most visited site on the internet is the Google and after that, comes the Facebook. The site reached 1 million users in November 2004 and 70 million users in the spring of 2008. Redemption offers continued to arrive, which tempted the developers of the Facebook, especially when people see the value of the company at billions of dollars, but Zuckerberg fight vigorously to maintain control.

Facebook and its Members

On the average the user pass 60 minutes a day on the site every day. This combined makes about 8 billion minutes across the world each day. This in total makes the users add 100 million photographs every day. Growth is the key to the future of Facebook. All users of the site are offering valuable personal information for Facebook – what we like and what we dislike, where we are at any specific point of time and what our identity is.

About the Founder

The young founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and the site has been in news and headlines big-time. And now we have writers writing books on how the company achieved a fantabulous success in such a short span of time. Zuckerberg presented masses an instrument to discover and interact with multitude they already recognized in real world somehow — schoolfellows, acquaintances and aspiring admirers. Users were ascertained that masses were the same as who they alleged they were. Zuckerber was 20 years old when offered 10 million for the Facebook but he refused. He moved to the mecca of technology in Northern California with a few close friends, left his education from Harvard University and started building up his website and his company’s framework.

“The Facebook Effect”

The author of the book “The Facebook Effect”, for a lot of months, was given far-reaching approach to Zuckerberg and different headstone Facebook employees. The book written on Facebook, named as “The Facebook Effect”, declares Facebook as an company with International forces which has its members that expand to all kinds and types of geography, cultures and generations. Facebook knew so less initial success as it started as college socializing platform, where people have thick networks, and socialized with enthusiasm, explains Kirkpatrick. The site extended to Stanford and other elite schools just opened to each and every institution. The web site started with providing exclusive membership initially, accessible entirely to populate who had got a Harvard email.

Future of Facebook

Making money is not important for Zuckerberg. His motivation lies in changing the world and dreams of making it more open. “Do not be lame” is the motto of the company, says Kirkpatrick, a nod to “Don’t be evil”, the quote of Google. Facebook is worth over 23 billion U.S. dollars, but revenue has fallen a lot. Kirkpatrick says that the company has raised over 550 million U.S. dollars earnings in 2009 and has the capacity to reach 1 billion USD by the end of this year.