When ever we talk about the wireless network providing industries the world famous companies Clearwire, AT&T, Verizon comes in mind at first instance. These companies were the pioneer of providing wireless network facility. They capture the markets and are on boom in trade or economic activity. These companies have supplied downlink speeds of 512kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, 1mbps, 2mbps, 3mbps, 5mbps, or 6mbps in different countries.

In wireless network competition a new company named as LightSquared was announced in France on July 20, 2010 with new strategies or additional plans through which they are ready to throw competition which is a horrifying threat for existing market leaders such as Clearwire, AT&T and Verizon. On other hand when company discussed its investment issue, they stated that their internal investment is about $1.75 billion however they are not ready to disclose their investor’s names, it is also mentioned that investors were only concerned with finances not with strategic issues. They have no customers yet in the existing market but the negotiation is underway with almost 30 prospective customers.


Strategic planners are concern towards the LightSquared policies and plans to achieve the targets and put the organization on the track of success by providing the best wireless network facility in the world; for this purpose the planners made a survey of the consumer market in detail and will going to offer some great package as per their demands. They are willing to provide the satellite, terrestrial capacity and a combination of both. Expected customer like wireless and wire line carriers, cable companies, device manufacturers, and retailers are going to purchase the capacity from LightSquared, therefore they planed to capture the market by selling below $10 per gigabits or also offering the high volume of discount on them it is quite beautiful offer for users so they can take a good advantage of it especially when mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) will enter in the market.

According to the policy they have organized four markets to test their wireless services and similar intentions. They are going to provide network service to these markets in first half of 2011 and the rest in later 2011. They are ready to deal with the 100 million of market population in start or in end of 2012, and are going to extend the target up to 260 million in 2014.

Market Competition

In the competition of becoming market leaders, companies are producing different strategies to enhance the consumer attention towards their product. Clearwire is the world most famous company that is providing wireless service in different states within United States, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, and Mexico at the retail price or offering different speeds. On the other hand the American companies AT&T and Verizon are also competing in same line or giving a tough competition to Clearwire. The greatest threat to the existing wireless industry is a newly entered company LightSquared wireless network because when they will create network and start working or rather if they have a freedom to apply their strategies on consumers they will directly affect the Clearwire, AT&T and Verizon yet all similar companies will face the down fall. LightSquared company has policies of launching the service at whole sale rate rather then retail price or rather making the facility  available by putting charge only on the per gigabit usage which is fabulous as a policy to give a boom to this newly launched market and one can expect the company to rise.