Logicalis, the global company that offers integrated information and communication technology solutions and services, announced soaring sales that it attributed to enterprise tech trends in the market. According to the company, the triple play resurgent enterprise spending coupled with the ongoing trend that has seen increased consolidation and virtualization together with the use of the latest processor chip technologies are to be acclaimed for Logicalis increased sales of HP x86 based servers.

First Quarter Eranings

Logicalis reported in its first quarter of 2010 that ended on 30th April, that it had experienced booming sales of HP x86 based servers inclusive of the most common ProLiant, Integrity and BladeSystem servers, registering an impressive 24% increase when compared to the first quarter of 2009. According to Logicalis Vice President for HP Solutions, Brandon Harris, Logicalis reiterated the company’s delight and commitment to HP as its partner, having been together for 15 years now and still going strong. As such, the partnership has enabled Logicalis access to HP’s converged Infrastructure that has allowed it access to the most current of HP’s server technology enabling it offer high quality HP Solutions to its enterprise and mid size customers.

Shifting Trends

As such, the corporation together with Logicalis capability to offer software and consulting services, the company has been able to sustain a leading status as it enables its customers to take advantage of the available latest server technologies in their businesses. As such, the trends were such that enterprise customers who had halted spending on IT in 2009 had a change of heart in 2010 and were spending on the technology lifecycle to enable them make use of the performance hike, the considerable amount of returns they stood to benefit  and the savings that come with the latest server technologies. On top of that was the move to server virtualization and consolidation in the data center which as well contributed a great deal too extra acquisitions of new blade server technologies.

HP’s measures

To bolster the above trends I have explored was the current, competitive steps by HP itself that saw it undertake aspects such as co-development amongst Intel and AMD, vendors and chip manufacturers that is credited with allowing embedding of technology to enable users capture, monitor and manage their enterprise power consumption efficiently. The advantage of the emerging power technology and its contribution to the play was the fact that power usage technology allows users to keep track of server racks and a user can decide to redistribute, if needed, and rebalance computing tasks amongst the various processors. What that does is change the power profile of the servers and subsequently cut down on the cumulative amount of energy being used efficiently.

Keep a keen on Logicalis and its future sales at it gains immensely from the market trends that seem to have worked in its favor. It remains to be seen if the partnership with HP will keep bringing Logicalis such soaring sales as technologies emerge daily.