On Tuesday, a major part of Gmail users had to suffer unexpected experience while downloading and uploading data delivery for several hours. There were leading companies and organization as well as individual all around the world experiencing inbound and outbound delivery, in using email services for communications via the hosted Google Apps suite. Sufferers posted their grievances and problems on Facebook leading social networking website sharing from general opinion to critical issues. Google admitted the problem which occurred in server due to some technical problem shortly after 4 pm according to United States Eastern Time in its App. But, fortunately, the problem was fixed within a short period of time till around 8:30 pm.

Due to the unexpected problem, there was a great concern about security among users as everyone was thinking of being infringed by the hackers. One user said that it was just like the way someone has controlled my system and I was just waiting for his orders even clicking the mouse as per my wish or command.

The issue, which was solved very quickly, proved very troublesome as everyone was in dilemma about what to do and what to leave to the workflow and client communications-a digital marketing group based in Portland, Oregon. Usually, there are problems in server but this kind of issue was new and we had to suffer much more; because the executives were experiencing problems in inbound and outbound mail.

As with changing technology everyone is completely dependant on internet and email as it makes thing easy even when you are out of town and can do your business from any where in the world, said strategy vice president and partner-Paul Wille-at the company. He said that there is no other media which could be relied on as this is not possible to contact your clients who are out of town or out of state. Being a digital marketing agency, we always have to make sure of deadline and we always follow the timetable tightly. We are proud to be considered ‘true’ on the basis of delivering solutions in time. But if this kind of things happens we will surely be behind in our business.

As he received many complaints from his upset clients about company’s email issues and it was a great concern for Wille to handle. The clients were waiting for the files and any consoling message regarding the delivery but were not able to get it on expected time. In the beginning, Google was not ready to accept any such fault even hours later. He suggested that Google should be more responsible and quicker in solving these issues so that Gmail users do not need to suffer and can arrange alternative if such problems arise.

This is not the first time that the Swift Collective had such kind of email malfunction after approving the free Standard version of Google Apps for its over 20 end users. Recent episode has moved the company’s confidence about the product.