The novel beta test builds essentially known as Firefox 3.6.4 and Thunderbird 3.1, which is popularly given code names Lorentz and Lanikai respectively, will be released very soon. These are the updated wonders of the esteemed company Mozilla. Mozilla is undoubtedly the gigantic based company and has been diversely integrated since many years in offering the latest versions of web browsing and e-mailing. Now, with the inventions of its two incomparable test builds, Mozilla has certainly got into a higher bump which truly makes it much ahead of others. Mozilla has grandly taken this new leap on Wednesday.

Mozilla has spaciously presented its most recent features that are highly discovered to be much more stable than the earlier versions. The Firefox 3.6.4 beta and Thunderbird 3.1 beta 2, both are the topmost features not only suitable for Windows and Mac but also for Linux.  Firefox 3.6.4 is a marvelous integration that covers the many anticipated features of Out-of-Process-Plug-in. This tool is effectively superb because it greatly prevents the crashing of plug-in not only from the System Flash of Adobe, and Quick time of Apple but also Silver light of Microsoft to effectively bring down the complete browser. However, the essential factor involved is that, it will continue to fix up the bugs that are greatly related to OOPPS, which stands for Out-Of-Process-Plug-ins. It, however, includes about a dozen that are being marked as the critical. Mozilla Company has scheduled to release its most awaited Firefox 3.6.4 in the second week of May.

Nevertheless, Thunderbird 3.1 beta 2 has a marvelous feature of introducing multiple fixes. The new build will continue its effectiveness to improve the process of migration from Thunderbird 2, which was reported by many users to be buggy and problematic. Thunderbird 3.1 beta 2 is efficiently being sported with the novel and unique features like auto-complete, utilization of tab and last but not least the activity manager. Moreover, there is a tremendous improvement of stability and leakage memory. The beta version has definitely made few minor changes in the interface. It has primarily improved the font selection that is default. Surprisingly, the Thunderbird beta build is released on time and the keen users can expect a release candidate for Thunderbird 3.1 beta 2 in another two weeks. The final version will certainly be available in the beginning of June.

Thus, it is inevitable that the two tests builds of Mozilla the Firefox 3.6.4 and Thunderbird 3.1 beta 2, which are popularly coded as Lorentz and Lanikai are to bring the novel change in the effectiveness of the PC technology. These two latest versions which are to be released very soon this year; Firefox 3.6.4 beta in the second week of May and Thunderbird 3.1 beta 2 probably by beginning of June will certainly make a major improvement in the total stability, leakage of the systems bringing about the unparallel improvement in the working of the systems worldwide.