Windows Vista and Windows XP support has been apparently dropped from the Mac Operating System X 10.6.6’s Boot Camp.  This has been deduced from the news on the official website of Mac, MacNN, where it says that the company is trying to assign a the Windows 7 OS abandoning the Operating Systems Windows Vista which was launched in the year 2007 and Windows XP which was discharged in the early years of the millennium. With this news a conclusion was drawn that the support for Windows Vista and XP deserted. It is also essential that the user using Boot Camp must download a program which supports Windows that is privately designed for Mac systems.

The 3.2 version of the Boot Camp, which was booted out in the month of November, last year supported Windows Vista and XP along with the Window’s 32 and 64 bit versions. As it is well known, the MacBook tablet Air, supports the Windows 7 Operating System. Except for this there is no other discussion at the apple website, regarding the forsaking of the Windows Vista or Windows XP. Many updates were brought in by the OS X of Mac early last year, most importantly the App Store. The official website of Mac, MacNN, published a news that few light changes were done to the Boot Camp by Apple Inc. Boot Camp is a service program which helps the users of the Mac Computers to install various Operating systems into their computers.

One can notice that the older versions of Windows like Vista and XP are not supported by the Boot Camp, by seeing the screenshots of installation wizard while launching the Boot Camp on the older desktop Operating Systems of Microsoft. This is the reason why the users are asked to check the windows support before installing the Boot Camp instead of using OS X installing disk. As already said, Boot Camp requires specially designed software program for any Mac and it has to be downloaded. This software program consists of various drivers for elements like track pads, web cams, key boards etc. these instructions are given by Apple in the Assistant Instructions of Boot Camp. It is always advisable to install the latest version to avail all the best services provided by Apple. Apple precisely tells that the Boot Camp supporting windows software should not be installed from the OS X installing disc of Mac or any other Mac computers.

Though no specific reason was given by Apple for such instruction, it is a appearing reasonable to follow the instruction to avoid any unneeded fuss or hassles with possible complaints of users who uses software which is not updated to latest drivers. All these circumstances are providing a strong assertion regarding the forsaking of the Window Operating Systems like Windows Vista or Windows XP in the Mac OS X 10.6.6 in Boot Camp. Hence users who are installing the latest version of Boot camp must have a latest version of Windows Operating System