After the much success of the iPad, iPhone 4 and new releases in its entertainment range of products. Apple is seeking to consolidate its base with regards to its Flagship operating product i.e. Mac OS. The new version is scheduled to be released in the next Apple event which is being termed as “Back to the Mac.”

The new mascot logo for the Mac book seems to be the Lion, as many invitation received by journalists have a small lion peering through the Apple logo. However you may be able to guess at a simple question as to what do you get when you combine an iPad with a   Mac book? – A Mac Book multi-touch. Yes that’s right recent rumors have specified that the Mac OS X 10.7 will have a multi touch screen.

However the new Mac will get a facelift with a new functionality which will integrate new software enhancements. Certainly the Lion is set to be different from the Panther, Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard.