Versions of MS Office before 2007 have speech and handwriting recognition as in built components. However, for some reason Microsoft has removed both the Speech and Ink recognition software from MS Office 2007. This comes at a time when the newly introduced Microsoft Operating systems like the Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP Tablet PC have these recognitions as a part of their package. So in essence, these functions can be used in S Office 2007 only when using it on operating systems like the Vista or the XP Tablet PC.

In order to be able to use and configure text to speech in MS Office 2007, an alternative route can be followed. Scour the internet for Macros that are designed to enable the Text To Speech application in MS Office 2007. Many such codes are freely available online and if you have some Visual Basic knowledge, you could also design your own code.

How to Use Macros

  • Once you find the easily available Macros code to configure Text To Speech for MS Office 2007, it is a simple matter of inserting it in the right format at the right junction. Follow these step by step rules.
  • Open an existing or new MS Word 2007 document. You need to then open the ‘VBA code editor’ as the code needs to be input in the editor itself.
  • Press and hold the ‘Alt’ tab while you click ‘F11’ key. This will open a list of projects that allows you to decide whether you want Text To Speech only on this particular document or all documents.
  • If you need it to be available and ready to use in all your documents select ‘Normal’. You could also select ‘Current’ document to have the Text To Speech function in the present document only.
  • This is where the Macro code comes in. Select the ‘Module menu option’ in the ‘Insert’ tab to open a new blank code window. Copy and paste or type the code in here.
  • Select the ‘Reference menu option’ within the ‘Tools’ tab to activate the ‘Speech Library’. This needs to be done before the code is run.
  • Once this is completed, just save the file and return to the main Word screen.
  • Customize the quick access tool bar to show all the three available macros buttons. This will allow you to personalize and edit the buttons to clearly stand for the Text To Speechfunction.

This process with the right code enables the Text To Speech function in the MS Office 2007. You can now use this utility to listen to the text that you have input in the document. A pause function is also available if you need to stop while listening.

Enable Word Support

You might have to enable MS Word 2007 to accept Macros. Change the security setting of MS Word 2007 to enable it to support Macros by manipulating the ‘Macros settings’ in the ‘Trust Center Settings’ pane. Ensure that you are using Macros from a trusted and reliable publisher or else there are chances of your computer being infected by a virus or some other form of malware.