Mahindra Satyam is one and only Indian Company amongst the official sponsors of the FIFA World Cup 2010 and has been a source of great service and support for the Fifa event managers. The company has proved itself by providing some great event managing related solutions to the event managers. The company is also among one of the companies on which Fifa has been officially dependent for technical and IT related support services.

The Company official said “The solution their company is providing to Fifa will help them to provide their fans at the stadium a great experience and thus enriching their enthusiasm for watching all the 64 matches live and also providing satisfactory support to staffs and volunteers.” As the tournament was about to kick –off in South Africa on Friday.

The company is basically contributing to departments like accreditation, managing spaces, materials, transports, and volunteering, managing local area networks and its network structures and architectures in addition to some other technical support services.

7 more companies which are official sponsors

Except Mahindra Satyam there are 7 more companies which are official sponsors of the one of the most wanted event .Many other firms like Budweiser , Castrol  and some more big names like these. The Tournament also has South Africa’s MTN and South Korea’s Yingli Solar for the sponsorship group.

As the tournament is one of the most wanted, most admirable and most viewed one so it is not possible to be conducted without the big names. Some of the big names Like Sony,Coca-Cola,adidas,Emirates,Hyundai, Visa are related to the event as its official partner.Except these big names there are some national partners also present in the block .

As far as Mahindra Satyam is concerned it is looking forward for many other big plans and projects.It has started eyeing the overseas markets and is looking to give a tough competition for overseas Multinational Companies.As it has already proved itself one of the A+ Companies by Sponsoring Fifa ,Now there is not much time left when its name will be heard among the companies who are official partners of FIFA.

The company is also looking to buy some more Indian firms to consolitdate its base structure in India. The firms mainly includes Rolta,HCL tech and L&T group.

As we all  know the Company is one of the Strong Competitors for its rivals in India and some other countries including incomparable infrastructure and  employ strength ,The future goals that the company is targeting are not difficult to achieve and once achieved will only add fame and success to the name of the company ,thus increasing its strength and improving its public image world wide.