Have you ever thought of creating a mobile app with features and options of your choice? Your ambition to create your own mobile app can be really fulfilled with Infinite Monkeys.
Know what Infinite Monkeys is…

Infinite Monkeys lets you create mobile app on your terms and conditions. Whether you want to include Photo sharing, Twitter feeds, Videos, Chat rooms, or Community Walls in your app, Infinite Monkeys is the answer to all.
How does it works?
To start making an app with Infinite Monkeys, you do not require any coding knowledge. It is absolutely web-based and conveniently works on any tablet device or PC. The web-based GUI enables you to include already posted web content from various social networking platforms, such as Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, and a few other blogging sites. Infinite Monkeys gives comprehensive step-by-step instructions for making a mobile app in as less as 60 minutes, provided you have ample of already posted web content.
The most amazing aspect about using this web-based platform is that it constantly keeps on adding content and updates to your app. It uses the easiest drag and drop process and you can begin by giving a suitable title to your app. By selecting preferred privacy settings, you can choose to make the app private or public. Also, Infinite Monkeys offers the option to personalize the background, font colors, and splash screen. And during the development process, at any point in time, you can preview your app. To choose your app platform model, you can select from the free level, pro level, or ad-supported model.
Start creating your app
With Infinite Monkeys you can create mobile app to connect with your friends, promote your music band, coffee shop, or business. The choice is absolutely yours.