Mozilla Firefox is one of the leading web browsers today. Many have been into this browser because of its security and features that centers to a user – friendly interface.

But just recently, it has been into current issues regarding with a malicious add-on in their browser. Reports said that it steals the passwords of users who have installed this malware.

Although the Firefox Company has stated that it doesn’t come from them, it is still there responsibilities to ensure their user’s safety.

The reported malware has been available for weeks in the AMO ( thus leading to the involvement of the Mozilla Company.

The reported malicious add-on is called Mozilla Sniffer.

What is Mozilla sniffer?

This is a newly discovered type of malicious add-on that steals information, specifically passwords, from the users who have installed it to their browser. It does an action of intercepting important log in details that user’s use to different web sites. With no origin as to how was it directly made, the company are doing their way of removing it from the AMO.

How does it work?

Reports have said that when this malicious add-on will be installed, it then acts by stealing all the user’s passwords and automatically send it to a remote reported site or location.

It threatens user’s privacy and security and therefore it is very alarming and must be uninstalled directly. It could or might blocked user’s log in details to a certain site or might be able to control user’s profile and could get through with it and could cause damage.

There were approximately 300 active users, as reported, who have installed this add-on.

How can they protect their users?

The company stated that user’s who have installed this add-on will be receiving a warning dialogue advising to uninstall the malicious add-on. They will also be prompted with it and will be advice, after uninstalling, to renew or automatically change log in information or passwords they have been using.

They will also strengthen their security system for the AMO by instructing a stronger code – reviews before presenting different add – on.

It was stated that unchecked add-on will just be automatically scanned for viruses or malware activities, and some others requires a great code-review before proceeding.

They will also do a manual review and update of different new add-ons that will be released before showing it to the public and proclaiming it is ready for public use.

How can we protect ourselves as users?

With this issue on hand, this will serve as lessons for the near future. We should always checked information before downloading. We must see to it the files we will about to download or add comes from a trusted source.

We must also check for its status and virus free details and descriptions.

With these precautions, we can now prevent this malicious thing from harming our data or applications.