According to F-Secure Corporation, a computer security solutions providing company, a malware program called ‘Flashback’ had infected some computers made by Apple Inc. The malware program was capable of infecting Apple Macintosh systems through Java software, an element of programs developed by many companies.
Apple released a statement saying that it has released a fix for the Java vulnerability on Tuesday through its software-updating service. If Mac computer users suspect that their systems have been infected by the malware program, they can visit the official website of F-Secure to get instructions to remove Flashback malware from infected Mac computers on removing the malware from their systems.

This incident is the latest blemish to Apple’s reputation as a technology platform that is rarely infected with viruses and other malware. A Russian security firm has claimed that more than half a million Macs may have been infected by the ‘Flashback’ malware, though this finding has not been verified by other security researchers.