Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a security product for malicious software or malware management. The MBAM free version is a 4.9 MB download. The full version which offers automatic updates, real-time protection, and scheduled scanning is priced at $24.95 for lifetime use of their license. However if you’re a corporate customer, they release annual licenses.


This light but sturdy application doubles as a malware scanner and removal tool. The installation process is user intuitive and doesn’t require much technical skills to understand. This also comes with support for multi-languages. After installation, the program automatically looks for an update. If you don’t have an active Internet connection, you can also use the manual database update installer.

There are two options for scanning: the quick scan and the full scan. With the quick scan you can look for all known instances of malware in your computer. The full scan lets you thoroughly scan your chosen drives.

The free version, which does not come with real-time protection, will not run on start-up. The auto-update feature is also de-activated so you have to click the Update button once in a while to make sure that MBAM catches new known threats. However, it still carries the MBAM full version’s persistence and efficiency in removing malware. It does an amazing job in detecting malware that is not detected even by other known big players in the field of anti-malware and anti-virus products.

What makes this a killer application for the more advanced user is its FileAssassin tool. This tool makes it possible to delete files that are locked by the system. This lock is usually a malware’s way of letting you know that it has hijacked you of your administrator’s privileges. Of course, it is also its protection from getting kicked out the system as soon as you pinpoint its location.

Even when running a full scan, this program runs low key and does not burn your memory. It only takes 64 MB and does not conflict with your other anti-malware and anti-virus programs.


Despite the easy to use interface though, a novice would still want to look for enlightenment about some of its features. They are about to be disappointed with the very rudimentary help file that comes with the software. It doesn’t have an illustrated guide on how to use the program itself. It only presents the key features, system requirements, a basic explanation of its tabs, some error codes you might encounter and how to ignore files that you wouldn’t consider as malware. It does however provide contact information where you can get you queries answered: either by contacting the support or participating in the forums. The forum adequately answers most questions and even offers some trouble shooting tips.

Bottom Line

Even the free version of this application is also impressive. With your computers connected to the Internet almost 24/7, the risk of being a victim of malware infections runs high. It is not enough that you run a single anti-malware or anti-virus anymore. Malwarebytes’ ability to work with these other programs without making your computer a battleground makes it your ideal secondary anti-malware program. If you can afford the full version however, it should be your primary anti-malware application. The benefits of the real-time protection make your computer less vulnerable to attacks– what is malware protection when you let malware slip past your walls?