The pioneer in the social networking sector has brought a kind of revolution in the modern era. Earlier people used to jot down one another’s email but now the scenario is people ask, “if you are on Facebook”. Facebook has actually helped to bring old friends together and relatives together.

Recently the social networking giant has announced certain updates that will be platform based. The latest report says that the Live Stream Plug in updates will be allowed along with the articles will appear in the results of searches being made and those will be the “Liked” ones. Moreover, the improvements will include some real time updates too.

The Facebook team adds that if an article is “liked” by your friend at a new site then the link of such articles will appear in the News feed section and will also find a place under the type ahead search in the Facebook page.

The content which is has large number of likes or an ample amount of friends who liked the particular have become on the basis of analysis more relevant with the recent new articles feature hitting the Facebook corners. However, the results do speak that there is a clear connection between the search now and likes options which are rather becoming more n more direct. It has actually enhanced the Facebook’s Page ranking in the recent past.

Since Facebook holds users’ that are half a billion in number. If you create an article is flawless and awesome content then you will be rather compelling people to like your content and they can’t deprive themselves off from clicking on the “Like” tab. This is the best way of getting your work recognised without going to places.

The search engines lack in a sense from Facebook that if a users clicks on the “like” tab the content gets more widely shared and receives swarm of people reading and liking it. The “likes” on Facebook are rather serving as element of popularity and great exposure for content as compared to the Facebook search.

The “liked” content are much easier to get an access to than to the links of that certain content. Since a majority is not inclined towards blogging, if the “like” is got clicked on the content’s link then it becomes a piece of cake for it to become a reference. Earlier people or corporate world used some publishing source to get their content or articles more and more published. But with the help of Facebook’s like tab, the contents are getting refereed in a chain of likes and goes from one person to another without even much effort.

With introduction of the Facebook world, the technical world has witnessed a drastic change from a simple friendship request to huge promotion; all can be accomplished by a mere mouse click.  In the recent past as officially declared by team Facebook; the “likes” tab have begun to hold a hegemony over Facebook search, as the latter helps bunch of tasks to be completed in one go.