Finjan is a recent addition to M86 Security. They are the leasing provider in Secure Web Gateways and are the largest independent provider for Web and email content security in the whole world. Finjan develops the highly acclaimed and unified Web security solutions for the enterprise market which has protected more than 1.5 million users in more than a thousand corporations and organizations worldwide.

Finjan and its web security solutions enable the control, security and compliance for various organizations’ web productivity, liability and their security needs no matter where they are in the world. Finjan has a hybrid Secure Web Gateway and a cloud security solution which provides web security to main offices, remote branches and roaming users. These are differentiated by industry-proven real time code analysis technologies as Finjan provides the unique solutions for medium to large sized organizations in the world.

Finjan and the Big 5

Now, according to the grapevine in the techie world, it has been reported to have sued five of its rival companies which include Symantec and McAfee. Finjan claims that it holds crucial patents which are used by these popular antivirus products and their security services. The said lawsuit was filed on Monday in the US District Court for the District of Delaware. Finjan has also named the rest of its rivals who they are suing which include WebRoot Software, WebSense and Sophos.

According to Finjan, flagship products from these specific companies have violated two of the patents that Finjan has been holding on to for about a decade now. Finjan was once a technology vendor but they sold most of their assets last November to a different security company, M86. Even if this was the case, they still held on to its patent portfolio which they are now deciding to use as a moneymaker. Finjan is in possession of almost a dozen patents which are all related to computer security.

Two years ago in 2008, Finjan won a case due to the jury verdict against Secure Computing which is now owned by McAfee. The damages were awarded for patent infringement by Secure Computing’s Webwasher and Cyberguard TSP software. The jurors awarded Finjan with US$9.2 million in damages but a federal judge later decided to increase that award to US$13.8 million.

About the Lawsuits

The lawsuit on Monday might involve one of the patents covered in the Secure Computing case that relates to a network-based virus protection program. They have also named its second patent which is a system and method for protecting a client during the runtime of a computer from hostile downloadables. These cover most of Finjan’s desktop antivirus claims.
The company has even asked the court to award them with unspecified financial damages and an injunction which will prevent the companies from selling their products. This includes McAfee’s web Gateway and VirusScan software, Symantec’s Brightmail Gateway and Norton Antivirus.

Symantec and McAfee has declined to comment on the suit while Webroot, Websense and Sophos, which was acquired by Apex Partners in May, could not be reached for comment as of now.